Here at Fit to the Core Training, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We are so engaged because this is the lifestyle we live.  At any time you might come in and witness Dave moving all about his client to observe from every angle. You might see Alicia jump in alongside her group class students as she lovingly 'yells' at them to keep moving. This is what we do, because this is who we are! We are trainers, coaches, friends, and living examples of our beliefs.




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My name is Alicia Rubio. I have been a certified personal trainer and nutritionist since 2008. Exercise and healthy living have been a passion of mine since I can remember:  from participating in gymnastics and soccer as a child, working out to Jane Fonda videos in the ‘80’s to being an avid hiker today. I’ve always had a love for movement and exercise. Challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone are important to me. I completed my first obstacle race in 2012 and enjoyed it, so I trained and conquered two more in 2013 and have been doing them ever since. I enjoy helping people reach their goals and live healthier lifestyles. I love the challenge of working with people who have different goals and limitations, and helping them transform their minds and bodies to become stronger, more flexible, eat well, manage stress, and lead healthier lives. There is no better feeling than to have clients tell me they’ve broken habits that were holding them back, feel better about themselves, etc. It’s very rewarding to be a part of that!
For those of us on a path to better health it can be hard to do it alone.

My name is Dave Fujita. I have been a personal trainer in the Federal Way area for over 19 years. In that time, I have helped clients achieve numerous goals, including injury rehab, passing physical entrance exams, improving movement awareness, and most importantly enhancing overall quality of life. 
Whatever your goal, we can work together to develop the proper pathway. The vehicle for that journey is mostly dependent on your preference, but I believe the best option is to be open to exploration.
My passion is strength and conditioning via kettlebell and bodyweight training. I've found no other way to so effectively increase strength and improve endurance. With this training you will move better, be stronger, feel more confident. Reduction in bodyfat is an awesome added bonus. Such ballistic activities
require high levels of mobility and control. I therefore stress movement preparation and practice.
You can't optimize strength until you move correctly.

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