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"Alicia is a wonderful trainer! She will help you shape your goals and work with you to devise a plan to reach them. She is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. She's also very understanding yet persistent and results-oriented. She makes the workout fun!"

-Susan J.


"Alicia has been my fitness trainer for a couple of years. During this time, she has worked with me 1:1 to ensure that the goals we have set have been realized and we continue to make and work on additional goals. Alicia is a very dedicated trainer who always is there to counsel me on my foods, to work out a nutrition plan, to ensure I am getting my cardio in, and to kick me in the pants if and when it is needed to get me back on track. She cares about me as a person--my needs, my body makeup, and strives to put together a workout program and nutrition regiment that is designed especially for me and my goals. She has become a very integral part of my daily life and truly I would be lost without her prodding, her high fives, and her routines."

 -Dianne S.

"I have trained with Alicia for about two years now and she has been diligent in her personal training with me. She has worked my core, building muscle and stamina. She has taught me the importance of eating healthy and getting exercise. She cares about her clients and will work personally with them to ensure they make correct eating habits and exercise goals. I giver her two thumbs WAY up!"

-Chelsea S.

"Dave is awesome and very knowledgeable. I’ve learned so much from him. This is my favorite place to train!"

-Jackie S.

"Dave has been my personal fitness trainer for a many years. He is totally dedicated to fitness and truly lives what he teaches. He quickly learned my strengths and weaknesses, and tailored a comprehensive exercise regime to improve my strength, flexibility and endurance. Dave is constantly experimenting with new equipment and techniques which he incorporates into your session, so it never gets monotonous. He knows exactly when to push you and when to back off, so I have progressed in my fitness without incurring injury. Though he is a very well disciplined master trainer, he also has a good sense of humor and makes our sessions both productive and enjoyable. I have had numerous trainers, but Dave is by far the most knowledgeable and well educated.  He really understands the science behind training to include physiology, biomechanics and nutrition.  His exercise program has improved my overall quality of life.  If you need to improve your fitness and desire a caring trainer that will challenge and inform you, I highly recommend Dave."

-Mark L.