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The kettlebell is an incredibly versatile, albeit odd-shaped tool which had until recently been confined to basements and underground facilities in the United States. A Soviet Special-forces trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline first brought the kettlebell into America in the late 1990s and soon started the first instructor certification program. 

Today the kettlebell has become a highly popular means of exercise because of its effectiveness.  The kettlebell is a perfect complement to the barbell without the range of motion restrictions inherent in fixed-grip position movements. The learning curve with this instrument is steep, but once basics are established, a myriad of complex kettlebell movements become possible. As more skills are learned, more program designs open up: Complexes strategically activate proper muscle firing to lift tremendous loads and forge strongman strength; circuits will torch fat and the lungs while developing incredible endurance; the ballistic nature of snatches and jerks translates into realizing the untapped power from within. There is a tremendous carryover into athletic movements as well which is why MMA fighters and a growing number of athletes are incorporating bells into their programs.

Training videos permeate the web today, most of which utilize less than optimal, if not downright unsafe techniques. It is also nearly impossible to learn complex movements in 2-D. Feedback is paramount in establishing proper movement, breathing, and flexibility necessary for this unique tool so it is imperative to seek out a qualified instructor.

Dave Fujita is an SFGII, StrongFirst Level II Instructor, and has been utilizing kettlebells in training since 2007.

The following videos are not meant to be instructional. They are for motivational purposes, i.e. to get you off your butt to come in to learn kettlebell technique.


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