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February Class Schedule:

For more information or to register for a class, see our facility management page.

We've got 6 signed up for the Warrior Dash in Bonney Lake July 19. We had 13 people  last year - let's get an even bigger team. The more, the merrier! This is a great race to start if you've never done an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) before. It's 5K and more info is here:

We had SO much fun training for and participating in the Spartan Race, we're doing it again. In 2014 we hope to get an even bigger team together. Join our team now, enjoy a 10% discount,  get in great shape while having something challenging to work toward.

We're closed Thanksgiving day, but we're not going to be sitting around. Come out to burn off some holiday calories with us at the Norpoint Turkey Trot.

              1 Week 'til Race Day!
                  3 Weeks 'til Spartan!
We've now got more than 13 people to join us in July for the Warrior Dash.
Sat 7/20/13,  12:30 PM in Bonney Lake, WA. Come out and race or just watch us get muddy.
Click for details. 8 people currently signed up on team, with more signing up soon,  for the Spartan Sprint!

How many calories should I be eating?
First let me tell you what a calorie is: A calorie is a unit of measurement given to the amount of energy your body generates from the food you eat...see more

...the best way to deal with, or even better avoid the motivational, injury, and progress pitfalls is to define your goals. Reaching specific goals requires a systematic approach (i.e. a plan.)...see more

Welcome to Fit to the Core Training.

 We are a group of like-minded individuals striving to elevate health and fitness awareness through exercise and nutrition.
WE CAN HELP YOU whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or new to exercise; if you need accountability to get moving or to find motivation to push a little more. Our nationally certified instructors have varied backgrounds and specialties, so you're sure to find instruction that's right for you.
We are not a group class with everyone trying to do the same exercises regardless of ability. We provide individualized instruction.
Come by and check us out.
We look forward to sharing our ideals and passion for health and fitness with you.

Races and challenges are great ways to set up short-term goals and give yourself something to work for as you become more fit. Here are some upcoming events. Ask us about participating in group events.

Local Race Events

Participate in a Spartan Race with us. Click on the link below (you must use this link) and get a 10% discount.
Get 10% off, Use Code: FINISH10 - Sign Up Now!
Our Team Info:
PASS: 20minVO2max

We'll be in the 11:00 AM heat on Sat 8/02/2014.

Team members who register through this link will earn a rebate once we race and are eligble to participate in team training sessions. The more members, the bigger the rebate, so get your friends, get your co-worker, get your mom to sign up!
Do you want to run a Spartan Race in Seattle? We need to show interest in having one.
Let Spartan Race know you're interested here:



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